Child Trafficking: Young plant that grows from the wild

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Child Trafficking: Young plant that grows from the wild

By Azeez Surajudeen Olatunde

Young plant that grows from the wild

Competing with the established ones for survival

Since education has been identified as the best legacy,

It has become the only picture on my flag

We are no more in the era where it is free

Working hard to get the bricks to build the plan with,

I succumb to slavery of phototropism

Hoping that it won’t tarnish my dignitary

Oh the wicked storm!

That blown me away from my habitat

Breaking my ribs with it’s heavy punch

Subjecting me to be robbed of my virginity

Damaging the pride I have nurtured for long.

Oh wicked “sun” why melting my tick and covered hymen

To expose my nakedness.

Turning the body to sexual dummy

How will I escape from the mess?

How will my goat survive death in the lion’s Den?

I have cried till I forget my early life dream

I have stayed long in the business to be a professional

But tell the rich people to protect the poor, so that human trafficking will comes to an end

Agile ones should save the fragile bones,

If we did not save the young seedlings from diseases,

We may not have shade in the time to come

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